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Unveiling the Advantages and Disadvantages of Gaming Keyboards and Mouse vs Controllers #1.


In gaming, an ongoing debate has raged for years: Gaming Keyboards and mouse vs controller – which is superior? The answer is more complex than one might think, as it largely depends on personal preference, the type of game, and the familiarity a player has with a particular control scheme. This comprehensive review delves into the advantages and disadvantages of gaming keyboards and mice compared to controllers, exploring facets like speed, precision, comfort, and user experience. This exploration will provide insights for seasoned gamers looking to optimize their setup and for novices stepping into the vibrant gaming world.

Which keyboard and mouse is best for gaming?

Determining the best keyboard and mouse for gaming hinges significantly on individual needs and preferences. However, specific models stand out due to their performance, design, and features. For keyboards, gamers often prefer mechanical models for their tactile feedback and fast actuation. The SteelSeries Apex Pro, for example, features customizable actuation and a robust build, making it a top choice.

Regarding gaming mice, precision, ergonomics, and a high polling rate are vital factors. The Razer DeathAdder V2 shines in these areas with its 20,000 DPI optical sensor and comfortable design. Still, these are just suggestions. Ultimately, the best keyboard and mouse for gaming will depend on the user’s specific needs, the types of games they play, and their budget.

What is the #1 gaming keyboard?

The title of ‘#1 gaming keyboard’ is highly contested, with many models boasting superior qualities. However, one keyboard that often tops the list is the Corsair K100 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Lauded for its combination of aesthetics, performance, and comfort, the K100 RGB offers a per-key RGB backlighting, a 44-zone three-sided light edge, and a plush wrist rest for extended gaming sessions.

It also possesses a 4,000Hz hyper-polling rate that outpaces many of its rivals. Its durability and programmable keys make it a popular choice among professional gamers. However, the best keyboard for one player might not be the best for another. Personal preference is crucial in determining the ‘best’ keyboard for an individual’s gaming needs.

Do Gaming Keyboards and Mouse Matter?

Indeed, the choice of keyboard and mouse can significantly impact a player’s gaming experience. The keyboard and mouse serve as the primary interface for interaction with the game, influencing actions such as movement, weapon selection, and other game commands.

Gaming-specific keyboards and mice offer features like higher precision, customizability, faster response times, and ergonomic designs that can enhance gameplay. For instance, gaming keyboards often come with mechanical switches that provide tactile feedback and a fast actuation point, allowing quicker and more accurate keystrokes. Similarly, gaming mice boast high DPI (dots per inch) settings, enabling precise cursor movements, which is critical in games that require accurate aiming.

Additionally, they may have extra buttons that can be programmed for specific game actions, providing the player with a competitive edge. Therefore, while a standard keyboard and mouse can be used for gaming, dedicated gaming peripherals can significantly enhance game performance and comfort, especially during extended gaming sessions.

What are the Top 5 Fastest Keyboards?

Speed is paramount in gaming; a fast keyboard can significantly enhance a gamer’s performance. Here are the top five fastest keyboards based on key actuation and response time:

Corsair K100 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: The Corsair K100 stands out with its 4,000Hz hyper-polling rate, four times faster than traditional gaming keyboards. This ensures swift and responsive keystrokes, making it a favourite among gamers.

SteelSeries Apex Pro: The Apex Pro’s main selling point is its adjustable actuation point, allowing gamers to fine-tune it to their preference. This feature ensures fast response times as it can be set as low as 0.4mm.

Razer Huntsman Elite: The Huntsman Elite utilizes Razer’s optical switches that use light-based actuation, registering key presses at the speed of light.

ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO: This keyboard is equipped with Titan Switch Tactile mechanical switches with a swift actuation point of 1.8mm, making it one of the fastest in the lineup.

Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED: As the name suggests, the G915 LIGHTSPEED offers quick response times with its low-profile mechanical switches, which boast a short actuation distance of 1.5mm.

These keyboards represent the fastest available in the market. However, remember that speed isn’t everything; comfort, durability, and customization should also be considered when choosing the best gaming keyboard.

Can we use a standard keyboard for gaming?

Yes, it is entirely possible to use a regular keyboard for gaming. Standard keyboards are designed to handle various tasks, including gaming. However, while they can take gaming to a certain extent, they might not offer the specialized features that dedicated gaming keyboards provide. Gaming keyboards are built with features tailored to enhance the gaming experience.

These include mechanical switches for faster and more precise keystrokes, programmable keys for custom game commands, and backlighting for aesthetic appeal and better visibility in low-light conditions. Moreover, they often boast superior build quality and durability to withstand intense gaming sessions. As such, while a standard keyboard can be used for gaming, a gaming keyboard can significantly enhance the gaming experience and performance.

Why is the Mouse Better Than the Controller?

The choice between a mouse and a controller for gaming primarily comes down to personal preference, the type of game, and the platform. However, there are several reasons why some players may prefer a mouse over a controller.

First, a mouse usually offers higher precision, especially in first-person shooter (FPS) or real-time strategy (RTS) games where accuracy is paramount. Making quick, accurate movements can make a significant difference in gameplay.

Second, a mouse often allows for faster reactions due to its direct control scheme – you can move the cursor exactly where you want it in a fraction of a second.

Third, gaming mice often have additional buttons that can be programmed for specific actions, providing more customization options than a standard controller. Lastly, mice paired with a keyboard offer more input possibilities, which can be beneficial in complex games requiring many keybinds. While both controllers and mice have their strengths, a mouse might benefit certain games and playstyles more due to its precision, speed, and customization capabilities.

What are the Disadvantages of a Joystick Mouse?

While joystick mice may offer a unique and intuitive control method for certain games and applications, they also have disadvantages.

The first major drawback is the learning curve; individuals accustomed to traditional mice may need help to adapt to the joystick’s control scheme.

Secondly, joystick mice might provide a different level of precision than regular mice, particularly in tasks that require fine cursor control, such as graphic design or playing precision-dependent games like first-person shooters.

Thirdly, the ergonomics of a joystick mouse might only be suitable for some. Prolonged use can lead to discomfort or repetitive strain injuries if not used correctly. Lastly, joystick mice often lack the multiple programmable buttons found on many standard and gaming mice, limiting customization options for the user. Therefore, while a joystick mouse can offer an alternative control method, there may be better choices for some, especially for tasks that demand precision, comfort, and customization.

Is Call of Duty Better on a Controller or Keyboard?

Whether Call of Duty is better played on a controller or a keyboard depends on player preference and the specific gameplay needs. For precision aiming, particularly in first-person shooter modes, many players prefer the precise and swift movements afforded by a mouse and keyboard setup.

The multiple keybinds available on a keyboard allow quick access to different commands, which can be critical in battle. On the other hand, controllers can often be more comfortable for extended play sessions, and some players find movement more intuitive with a joystick compared to keyboard directional keys.

Additionally, aim assist on controllers can help level the playing field against mouse and keyboard users. Ultimately, there is no definitive answer as both options have their strengths and can provide an enjoyable Call of Duty experience. It ultimately comes down to what feels most comfortable to the individual player.

What’s Easier to Aim with a Mouse or a Controller?

The ease of aiming in games can vary significantly between a mouse and a controller, and the choice often depends on player preference and the type of game. A mouse is often viewed as providing superior precision, especially in first-person shooter (FPS) games. The direct control scheme of a mouse allows for quick, precise movements, enabling players to aim and react rapidly. Furthermore, the high dpi settings available on many gaming mice can be adjusted for even greater accuracy.

On the other hand, a controller, with its analogue sticks, offers a different kind of control, which some players may find more intuitive, especially for third-person games or racing games. Moreover, many games on consoles have an ‘aim-assist’ feature, making aiming with a controller easier for those games.

In terms of raw precision, a mouse usually has the upper hand. However, the ‘ease’ of aiming can also depend heavily on what the individual player is accustomed to. Some players who grew up playing console games might find a controller more intuitive and accessible to aim with. Ultimately, both devices have their merits, and the choice between a mouse and a controller often comes down to personal comfort and the specific requirements of the game being played.

Is the Controller More Comfortable Than the Mouse and Keyboard?

The comfort level between using a controller versus a mouse and keyboard can significantly vary based on the player’s personal preference, the type of game, and the duration of the gaming session. For some players, controllers can be more comfortable due to their ergonomic design, which facilitates a more natural grip and can be easier on the hands for prolonged gaming sessions. The layout of buttons and joysticks on a controller is often designed with comfort and intuitiveness, allowing the player to access all necessary controls without excessive hand movement or strain. 

On the other hand, a mouse and keyboard setup might be more comfortable for others, especially those accustomed to using these devices for daily computer interactions. A well-designed gaming keyboard and mouse can also provide ergonomic benefits, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Additionally, the separate positioning of the mouse and keyboard may allow more flexibility and personalization for the gaming setup, potentially leading to enhanced comfort.

However, it is essential to note that the comfort of a controller versus a mouse and keyboard can be subjective and differ from player to player. Some might find one more comfortable based on their gaming history, hand size, and the game genre they are playing. Therefore, the best way to determine what is more comfortable is often through personal experience.


In conclusion, the choice between a joystick mouse, controller, or a traditional mouse and keyboard setup ultimately boils down to personal preference, comfort, and the specific demands of the game. While a joystick mouse offers an alternative control method, its limitations in precision, customization, and potential ergonomic issues make it unsuitable for everyone. A mouse and keyboard can provide swift and accurate control, ideal for precision-dependent genres like FPS games. At the same time, a controller can offer comfort during extended play and intuitive movement control. No one option is universally superior; each has its strengths and can effectively cater to different gaming scenarios and player preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of mouse is suitable for long-duration gaming? 

An ergonomic mouse with customizable features like programmable buttons and adjustable DPI settings is often a good choice for extended gaming sessions.

Do professional gamers prefer a mouse and keyboard or a controller?

Professional gamers’ preferences vary based on the game, personal comfort, and play style. FPS games often see a selection for mouse and keyboard due to precision, while controllers might be preferred for racing or third-person games. 

Can I use a joystick mouse for graphic design or other precision tasks?

While you can use a joystick mouse for tasks like graphic design, the precision may be lower than a regular mouse. The suitability also depends on your comfort level with the joystick mouse.

Is it necessary to buy a gaming-specific mouse or keyboard for playing games?

Not necessarily. While gaming-specific peripherals offer programmable buttons and higher DPI settings for the mouse, non-gaming peripherals can also provide a satisfactory gaming experience. 

Does using a controller provide an unfair advantage due to aim assist?

Aim assist can help level the playing field for controller users in FPS games. However, its effectiveness can vary by game, and it doesn’t necessarily mean an unfair advantage. A skilled player with a mouse and keyboard can often compete effectively against a controller user.



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