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The Best COUGAR Gaming Chair, Cougar Armor ONE Royal Gaming Chair

Cougar Gaming Chair

The flagship offering from Cougar Gaming, the Cougar Armor Pro Gaming Chair, will enhance your gaming experience. This high-end gaming chair provides unmatched comfort and sophistication with its PVC leather upholstery. Extended gaming sessions are made possible by its unique body-embracing high-back design, which offers optimal support. The Cougar Armor Pro game Chair is the ideal combination of comfort, style, and durability. It lets you fully immerse yourself in your game. Discover the distinction with Cougar Gaming.

COUGAR Armor ONE Royal Gaming Chair

With COUGAR’s Armor One Royal game Chair, you can have the best game experience ever. This gaming chair is made to be as comfy as possible. It has a fully adjustable, body-hugging high back and a breathable PVC leather surface that keeps you cool and comfortable even during long gaming sessions.

The chair has many changeable parts, such as a piston lift for changing the height, the ability to recline 180º, tilting resistance, and a 3D adjustable armrest. The Armor One Royal gaming chair is made to last. It has a full steel frame, an embroidered name, and a Class 4 Gas Lift Cylinder to ensure the highest quality and safety. The COUGAR Armor One Royal Gaming Chair lets you live the game, not just play it.


  • The COUGAR Armor One Royal puts your comfort first with a design that is easy to change and high-quality materials.
  • The ergonomic high-back structure was made with games to keep your back from tensing up.
  • The chair is upholstered with PVC leather, allowing air to pass through so it stays cool during extended game sessions.
  • The pillows with the chair give you extra support and comfort so you can focus on the game.
  • The high-quality piston lift makes changing the chair’s height easy.
  • Continuous relaxing and 180º Reclining: You can find the most comfortable position by returning to the front.
  • Adjustable Tilting Resistance: The easy-to-use adjustment knob lets you change the tilting resistance of your chair to fit your needs.
  • 3D Adjustable Armrest: You can change the armrest’s height, move it left or right, or move it back or forward.
  • Full Steel Frame: Makes it last longer and gives your body strong support.
  • Embroidered sign: The COUGAR sign is embroidered to last, showing that the person loves video games.
  • Class 4 Gas Lift Cylinder: This chair’s Class 4 Gas Lift Cylinder ensures that it is safe, reliable, and easy to use.

 COUGAR Gaming Chair PROS & CONS


  1. The COUGAR Armor One Royal Gaming Chair is made to be as comfortable as possible, with a design that molds to your body, breathable PVC leather, head and lumbar pillows, and many adjustable features such as a piston lift that lets you change the height, continuous reclining, adjustable tilting resistance, and a 3D armrest that you can adjust. 
  2. The chair is made to last, with a full steel frame and a Class 4 Gas Lift Cylinder that make it safe and long-lasting. The chair also has the COUGAR logo embroidered, which shows that the brand cares about quality and games.
  3. The chair has gotten great feedback for its comfort and style. Users especially like the color and leather finish.

Negative aspects

  1. Some users have said that the chair can make them sweat in hot places without airflow.  
  2. Some buyers said they needed help with their purchase, such as requiring a locking device and getting the wrong armrests. This could mean that there are problems with quality control.
  3. Someone said they wanted to be happier with the packaging business used for delivery.


The COUGAR Armor One Royal Gaming Chair exemplifies how comfort, good looks, and robust construction work together. Its well-thought-out appearance and features make it clear that it was made with gamers in mind. There are a few minor problems with the chair, like possible ventilation and quality control issues. However, most positive user comments are about how comfortable it is and how well it makes the gaming experience. This gaming chair is an excellent addition to any gaming setting because it will make your gaming sessions more comfortable and fun for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What material is the COUGAR Armor One Royal Gaming Chair made of?

The chair is upholstered with breathable PVC leather. Its steel frame ensures long-term durability and strong support for your body.

2. Does the chair come with adjustable armrests?

Yes, the COUGAR Armor One Royal Gaming Chair features 3D adjustable armrests, which can be tailored for height, left/right, and backward/forward adjustments.

3. Can the chair’s height be adjusted?

Absolutely. The chair comes with a high-quality piston lift for easy height adjustment.

4. Is the chair’s logo printed or embroidered?

The COUGAR logo on the Armor One Royal Gaming Chair is embroidered for longevity, demonstrating a true passion for gaming.

5. What kind of reclining features does the chair offer?

The chair boasts continuous and 180º reclining features, allowing you to find your perfect comfortable position.



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